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MDI Group Associate Job Search

Executive Assistant

Atlanta, Georgia

MDI Group is seeking an Executive Assistant to join our team!

The Executive Assistant’s primary responsiblity is providing comprehensive administrative support for the CEO.The EA will also be heavily involved in the planning and execution of regular and ad hoc Executive Team and Management Team meetings. They will be responsible for assisting the CEO to make optimal use of her time. This will include, but not be limited to organizing, screening and managing email, organizing, setting and managing her calendar, screening and prioritizing phone calls, assisting in preparing for and then participating in and documenting meetings with internal and external assets. The EA will also ensure regular and timely meetings with CEO’s direct reports, including requisite preparations for firm planning and performance reviews. The EA is expected to be flexible and adaptive while working in a dynamic and entrepreneurial environment. An effective EA will exercise both good judgment and creativity in this role, helping the CEO and the company in pursuit of the company’s vision. The EA must also be a consummate team player. The EA will have strong written and verbal communication skills as he/she supports the CEO and collaborates with other colleagues. The prepares and organizes reports, letters, presentations and other documents as needed. When the CEO has conflicting priorities, the EA must communicate with the CEO to understand how to balance her duties and ensure she is on task and on schedule with key priorities and responsibilities. The EA must be comfortable adapting to organizational change. The successful EA has the ability to work independently and collaboratively. The EA must be able to manage a substantial workload, recognize and embrace the urgent nature of company’s business, always exercising discretion and maintaining confidentiality.




  1. Organizational Skills
  2. Detail-oriented with strong organizational aptitude.
  3. Establishing work priorities while maintaining flexibility.
  4. Meeting deadlines and resourcefully completing challenging tasks.
  5. Communication Skills
  6. Demonstrating effective verbal and written communication.
  7. Responding in a calm and effective manner to a variety of demands and personality types.
  8. Speaking in a pleasant and professional phone voice.
  9. Proficiency in the use of Operating Microsoft Office applications as well as Adobe Acrobat, and Social Media web platforms.
  10. Leadership Skills
  11. Presenting and conducting him/herself in a professional manner at all times.
  12. Preparing, disclosing, and handling confidential and sensitive information.
  13. Prioritizing and tasking independently of others’ direction.
  14. Well-developed Troubleshooting Skills.




  1. Bachelor’s degree required 
  2. Strong Work Tenure: 5-10 years of experience supporting C-level Executives
  3. High Emotional Intelligence
  4. Integrity & Trust
  5. Realistic Self-Assessment
  6. Openness to Change
  7. Self-Confidence
  8. Comfort with Ambiguity
  9. Desire To Learn Continuously
  10. Perseverance
  11. Diplomacy & Tact
  12. Ability to Listen
  13. Ability to Anticipate Needs
  14. "Ownership,” Personal Accountability
  15. Open, Direct, & Respectful Communication Style
  16. Patience
  17. Composure
  18. Easygoing & Amiable
  19. Self-Starter
  20. Drive for Positive Results/Follow-Through


Type: Direct-Hire

Experience: 0

Role: Other Area(s)

Job Order Number: 179

Date Posted: 06/12/2017

Start Date: 01/01/2018

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